Is it ever OK to attend a Novus Ordo Mass?
(11-27-2020, 12:49 PM)NSMSSS Wrote: The SSPX simply don't want regularity.

Then why have they sent delegates to theological discussions that the Holy See wanted to have? Why did they work for over a year on a Personal Prelature with the Ecclesia Dei Commission and Benedict XVI, who torpedoed the progress at the last minute when the German and French Bishops objected to any agreement? Why did Archbishop Lefebvre, before the Consecrations delay the date four times, and enter into discussions with the Holy See, only to have the guarantee of a bishop pulled from him last minute, upon which he decided to proceed anyway, seeing that Cardinal Ratzinger was not serious about an agreement? Why have received official visitors from the Holy See whenever asked? Why have the sent people for meetings with the Pope and others in Rome at every request?

The SSPX has made plenty of missteps, but I don't think they can realistically be seen as not making a good faith attempt to normalize their situation. The problem has always been that the Holy See demands more of them than they do of other Catholics, such as professing that Vatican II is without any error and fully orthodox (which even diocesan priests are not demanded to accept).

Given you are also, obviously not one of the SSPX faithful, so likely not one of their faithful or members who has any insight into the clear inner workings, I think it a bit prideful that you would think it possible to judge what their superiors want, as if you knew their minds.

So, we're left with judging actions, and everything I see suggests that the SSPX leadership is willing, without compromising any doctrine, or the common good of their order which they have a responsibility to attain, nor the common good of the souls who rely on them, to bend over backwards when the Holy See asks. That does not look to me like "not wanting" some normalcy. It looks to be like quite the opposite.
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