Is it ever OK to attend a Novus Ordo Mass?
(11-28-2020, 02:57 PM)Paul Wrote: Prior teaching of the Church says that error has no rights. Vatican II says everyone has a right to freedom of religion and that civil authorities are bound to recognise that right. If there's a way to make those two both true, the Church has never explained it. How can the SSPX be expected to say the Council is completely orthodox when nobody will explain how apparently-contradictory statements aren't?

I look at that statement in this way: Sure, "freedom of religion", which is to say one cannot be forced to follow Catholicism nor any other religion (true and consistent with Church teaching).  "Civil authorities are bound to recognize that right."  Sure, which is to say you cannot impose a state religion, whatever it may be, and force people to follow it.  People have the right to follow the religion of their choosing (which, again, means you cannot force someone to convert, which is what the Church teaches).

Now, how you want to go about that can vary.  If you want to be like the Ottoman empire and just make it highly inconvenient for anyone who wants to practice a religion other than Catholicism, that has some clout.  Much as I would like to see a Catholic state imposed from above, the way to build a lasting Catholic state would be from the bottom up, so society would come to naturally reflect the values of the Church and such things as a crucifix on the desk of the head of state would be seen as a normal thing.

People don't have a right to persist in error, but nor can people be forced to convert to the truth.

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