Is it ever OK to attend a Novus Ordo Mass?
(11-29-2020, 09:17 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: And why does celebrating according to the rubrics guarantee that a Novus Ordo Mass is not a danger to one's faith?

I won't say guarantee, but weak as it is, the Novus Ordo is a valid Mass.  Enough said.

(11-29-2020, 09:17 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: What circumstances to you think would justify staying home?

I go based on what my spiritual director once said.  It's one thing if you're there by yourself at the only Mass available and there's liturgical abuse such as dancing going on or something else egregiously bad.  You personally may be strong enough to withstand this with no danger to your faith.  If you are there with your spouse and young children, who could be more easily misled in confusion by what they see, you could be better off heading for the door.

I am not going to be a judge as to what that point is.  There could be a variety of valid answers, and they will be different depending on whom you ask.  Do what you can to secure yourself with a stable parish life with strong liturgy, says I.

I'm not interested in any further debate in this thread.  The Methodist-Catholic hybrid service you proposed would be among the most extreme cases of liturgical abuse of the Novus Ordo and would be, quite frankly, more the exception and not the rule (if such a thing were to even exist anywhere).  I've been to many Novus Ordos through the years in various dioceses.  On average, they were generally weak; but for the most part, the celebrants stuck pretty close to saying the black and doing the red for the majority of the Mass.

You seem to think the Novus Ordo so toxic that one should immediately excuse himself from ever being a part of it.  I will readily admit I cringe at nearly every Novus Ordo I attend and internally flare into a foul temper, even at the ones that generally get it right.  I'm never a happy camper there, and if ever I can avoid it, I do; but one should be fulfilling their Sunday obligation if at all possible, even if that means attending a Novus Ordo that's littered with heretical preaching for the sermon, extraordinary Eucharistic ministers, Protestant hymns or other cringe-worthy junk.  Terrible as it all may appear, the Mass is still valid; and you do receive Our Lord in communion as you would at a TLM (probably with fewer graces since it is so much more difficult to be well disposed, but you still receive Him nonetheless).

I'm not going to make the judgement call for myself as to whether I can be excused from my Sunday obligation if my only option is a bad Novus Ordo.  That requires the spiritual direction of a trustworthy priest.

On a concluding note, even in this day and age, much as the renaissance of the TLM is seeing it celebrated with more reverence than in it was in many cases in pre-counciliar times, I have witnessed a few TLMs that were disappointing.  I was at one where all the scripture readings in the Mass of the Catechumens were in the vernacular (I heard this is unfortunately commonplace in some parts of the world).  At one there was an extraordinary minister of Communion assisting with the priest (the reasoning being due to the aged priest's frailty that he preferred some assistance.  Maybe a valid argument, but the priest was still getting the much longer line than the layman).  In another case, I was trying to bring someone to a greater love for the TLM, but one of the priests at the parish we frequented had a tendency to say his Low Mass very quickly, much to her dismay; and I agree, it was a bad witness.  None of these ever made me wish I attended a Novus Ordo instead that day, but the side of the TLM is not always as rosy as it seems by comparison.
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