Just a story and some struggles
Hello all

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

About 3 weeks ago, my sister in law invited us over for an early Thanksgiving (outdoors, sigh).  It was an unseasonably lovely day, so it did make sense, even though she still wanted us to wear masks. 

Anyhow, she is converting a part of her home into a living space for her mother in law and gave me a quick tour.  Just before she opened the door to the entrance, I smelled a rotten egg smell.  It was fleeting, but I thought that to be very strange.

Some background:  Her and my brother in law (whom I believe is a baptized Catholic, fallen away) are just like most people now who reject God.  They are happy without children and love their things in this life.  She likes to throw in wrenches at certain times; drops bombs and runs during conversations.  For instance, last year, she scorned tradition, in general, in front of me just before they were leaving.  She almost hissed.  My brother in law said something about Freemasons and about being brainwashed in a Catholic school as he ran out the door.  One Halloween, she said to one of my boys that she was a witch.  I honestly don't know if she was joking or not.

On Thanksgiving, we Zoomed with them and some of my other in laws.  My sister in law works for a big Pharm company and her aunt asked when a vaccine will be out.  My sister in law mentioned that her company will be in the race for the production and so they are hoping for next June.  All the while my face is burning hot with contempt.  She ended her speech with "fingers crossed...fingers crossed."  Ugh.

I honestly don't know how to have a serious conversation with my in laws nor does it ever seem the right time.  And, I'll admit I'm a bit intimidated.  I don't want to argue and I'm a bit scared of rejection, but most of all I don't know how to best articulate everything.  But, my husband is great at that part, which is why I keep praying and hoping he will "wake up". My mother in law is very pushy and doesn't want to hear anything.  She is against Catholicism.  Just a hunch, but I believe these bad seeds were planted from her father who was a 33rd Mason.

However, my husband and I seem to be on the same page and I guess that is all that matters, but there is a part of him (with some folks) that feels "live and let live" when it comes to talking to his family about the Faith.  He relies on me to "teach" him.  I have told him that I can't be the head and the heart of the family.  He claims to understand but doesn't do much to help himself learn.  I don't mind doing it for as long as I have to, but shouldn't he be trying to walk on his own?  This comes up a lot between us, "what if I die?  How are you going to pass on the Faith to the children?"  Now I know why it is so crucial to adhere to Church teaching about marrying another Catholic only.  Hindsight is 20/20.  He did convert and loves the TLM and even advocates for it to strangers, but doesn't extend the same sentiments to his family.  Maybe he just knows them better than I do.

I continually pray for all of them, esp by father in law whose mother attended the TLM and brother in law who I believe to be a baptized Catholic.

Long story short, if you can spare an Ave for my family and me, I would be eternally grateful and I always pray for all of you here.

Ad Jesum per Mariam
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