In your opinion, is this marriage valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church?
(11-29-2020, 08:06 PM)FultonFan Wrote:
(11-29-2020, 07:11 PM)Number 4 Wrote: In your opinion, is this a valid marriage in the eyes of the church?

Well, this question is itself problematic. 
It’s difficult for us to know for sure what has happened, and for that reason a marriage tribunal is needed to give an objective opinion.
If we were all left to decide for ourselves whether our own marriages or annulments were truly valid or not, it could lead to some serious craziness.
In that scenario, I’d simply advise the woman to contact the Judicial Vicar of the diocese to explain the situation, and to get the best advice on how to best move forward. 
If it is indeed determined to be invalid: who’s to say they don’t wish to remain together? Perhaps the man is truly repentant for his previous fornication & dishonesty, and the woman wants to stay together. In this case, the Judicial Vicar could simply be asked how they could fix this situation so that they can be truly married in the Church. Perhaps a radical sanation could applicable in this instance, I don’t know. Again, this person would do best to contact the Judicial Vicar or the Bishop of the diocese.

With all due respect to you, this is not the case.

A person can discern whether his marriage is valid or invalid, or whether his annulment is valid or invalid.  It doesn't take an advanced degree, it takes minimal education...and is part of what is (or supposedly is) now undertaken in the 6 mo - 1 yr prior to a wedding when the examinations are done to make sure there are no diriment impediments.  It is well within the ability of lay people to know this.

Furthermore, this is why the Roman Rota exists...because lay people can judge when tribunals err and appeal their cases to Rome, where annulments are either given or overturned frequently.

If the reader restricts his judgment to the scenario given by the OP, it's easy to judge that by Can. 1098 the marriage is invalid.  It is another thing entirely to prove it.

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