In your opinion, is this marriage valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church?
(11-29-2020, 11:07 PM)Number 4 Wrote: Despite the circumstances described in the opening post in this thread, the wife and husband are happily married and want nothing more than to have their marriage considered valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church.  The man has been a wonderful husband and a devout Catholic since the day they were married. 

The life he led prior to meeting his wife is one that he deeply regrets.  He considered himself a "secondary virgin" from the time he began dating his (future) wife.

And, yes, he admits that he lied to her because he thought he would lose her.

Based on what some of you have said in your posts on this thread, it would be impossible for the couple to provide proof of the facts, since no one else knew about them.

If it were impossible for them to provide proof of the facts, does that mean that the marriage is indeed valid in the eyes of the Church because there would be no proof to deem it invalid (null)?

The question, as I noted, is one of her condition.

Did she really mean that if he has told her before marriage that he was not a virgin (including his desire to remain chaste after meeting her), that she would have refused marriage? That will be the real question here, and since they have no desire to separate or seek a declaration of nullity, the solution is very simple.

The priest I spoke to about this gave the solution I paraphrased :

Visit their pastor or another solidly traditional priest who knows what he is doing. Explain the situation, including the condition. He (with two witnesses for validity), can officially witness their renewal of consent, without any other process. This would remedy any defect in the consent from before, and ensure that all of the conditions were met.

In fact, that priest said that her removing that condition after knowing that her husband was not a virgin, and even privately renewing her part of the consent might be sufficient to validate it were it invalid, presuming his consent continued, so in short, not to worry, but for the sake of peace of soul, to remove any doubt and renew consent properly in front of two witnesses and the priest with delegation.

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