In your opinion, is this marriage valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church?
I apologize for the brief reply in such an important matter, but I just have a few minutes. I hope to elaborate more tomorrow.

In my opinion, the marriage is, prima facie, VALID.

In our desire to be legalistic, we should not ignore certain central, theological truths which are essential to Catholicism:

The fact that the husband lied about being a virgin does not mean that he was not essentially who he claimed to be when he got married. Sin does not destroy nature irreparably (this would be a deeply protestant view). Through repentance, confession and a pious life wit regular sacraments, grace and sanctity may be indeed recovered, no matter how gravely we may have sinned. In his earlier life the man may have lied, stealed, fornicated or even killed. This past does not mean that he had a different, corrupt nature when he got married. It may well mean that he was just shameful about it, or afraid of being rejected by the woman he genuinly loved. In many cases, hiding a negative past is not only morally allowed, but even a necessity, in order to preserve a newly attained life, provided the purposed of such hiding is the protection of the new kin from scandal.

To claim that a man or a woman are forever unworthy of marriage because they have previously lost their virginity is just as absurd as to say that, because they have sinned, they are not able to recover the grace. Or, using more upfront words, that God will not forgive this sin. Just think of the myriad of saints and martyrs that conquered Glory after a disastrous life. Will we reject sharing Heaven with them because they sinned earlier? That much pride do we have of our own sanctity?

Of course a completely different story would be the case in which the man lied not just about his past sins, but about his ongoing ones (i.e. if he is unfaithful to his wife and continues to have affairs with other women), or if he just doesn’t care about chastity, and he was just pretending in order not to lose her, which plainly deceiving intentions. In this case there may be some basis for a marriage nullity, albeit from a different source: his lack of will (or capacity) to assume the essential obligations of marriage, present at the very moment of his vows. All in all, what matters is who he really was -in will and capacity- when he gave his consent for marriage, not the sinful actions of his past.

In any case, I am nobody to pass a judgement of a particular case, which should be submitted to the competent ecclesiastical court and advised by a good priest.

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