In your opinion, is this marriage valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church?
(12-01-2020, 03:56 PM)SeekerofChrist Wrote: I wonder if this discussion of "legalese" is helpful to the OP?  Their question wasn't "does this couple have grounds for annulment" but is directed at easing concerns over the validity of a marriage both are happy in and want to remain in.  MagisterMusicae has provided a very easy solution for them: a simple renewal of their vows before a priest and two witnesses.  This is pretty simple.  I can recall a number of NO Masses where couples would do this (usually as part of an anniversary celebration).  There's really no need to concern the OP by acting like a moot court.

In several posts in this thread, yablabo has taken what appears to be quite a firm position that the man has clearly and unequivocally acted with malice, and that the marriage is therefore invalid.  However, without the showing of malice, I believe this entire episode is a tempest in a teapot.  It's one thing if the man had said, "Yes, I lied to you so that you would marry me because I wanted to get your father's money when he died." It's an entire different thing to say, "Yes, I lied because I was ashamed of my past, which I've reconciled, and I want to live the rest of my life with you because I love you."  The former scenario clearly contains malice, while the latter not so much, if at all. And while yes, they can simply renew the marital vows as was prescribed, under the circumstances that seems to imply that one, if not both, believed the marriage to have been invalid up to that point. In the long run, I'm not sure if this is what is necessary to keep the stability of the marriage.

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