Husband upset that I took phone call from ex-boyfriend
(12-01-2020, 09:44 AM)Made New Wrote: Fulton Fan,

I respectfully disagree with your belief that a 45 minute conversation was excessive, because it was someone who I've known for a long time and hadn't spoken with in a decade.

My husband and I have different opinions on whether someone can be "just friends" with a person they dated for 7 years.  I believe it is possible, while my husband believes that there will always be "something special" between my ex-boyfriend and me.  I think he feels that way because my ex-boyfriend was also my "first love."  But, my husband's way of thinking is wrong.

From the Sacrament-of-Marriage perspective, I know that I've done nothing wrong.  I've always been faithful and have never done anything to betray my husband.  

Then why did you ask?  You have clearly already made up your mind that you did nothing wrong and are looking for someone to validate your belief.  You asked if you think you were in the wrong.  You got an answer opinion from Fulton Fan and here is another...yes, you did.

Quote:It's hurtful that he has overreacted to this situation in the way he has.

And then YOU play the victim.
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Gentlemen, keep in mind: she doesn’t want to hear what you think, but rather what she thinks, in a deeper voice.

Also, gentlemen take note: make sure you marry a woman who can admit when she’s wrong. That is all.
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HI there.  Lots of responses here.  I guess, I would just add that your marriage is the most important relationship that you have after your relationship with the Lord.  Even if you had good intentions and didn't think you were at fault- just catching up with a friend.... if your husband was upset by it, I would just apologize for being insensitive to his feelings, let him know you didn't think he would be upset, assure him that you won't speak to Ex-boyfriend again if it makes him uncomfortable and move on.
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