Husband upset that I took phone call from ex-boyfriend
Do you think what I did was okay or wrong?  Why?

Prior to meeting my husband, I went out with a guy for 7 years.  My husband knows him well, since they went through school together for 12 years.

Out of the blue, 10 years into our marriage, I received a phone call from him, wanting to know if I would be attending our high school reunion which was coming up that weekend.  I spent about 45 minutes "catching up" with him on the phone, since I hadn't had any contact with him in nearly 15 years.

My husband was very upset that I had taken the phone call at all, let alone spending 45 minutes on the phone with him while my husband watched our three young children.

Honestly, I thought nothing whatsoever about talking with my ex-boyfriend, as he, too, was married with children, and I knew that I had no romantic feelings whatsoever for him.  In fact, I consider him a friend and was simply interested to learn how he was doing.

Does my husband have the right to feel upset with me, or is he overreacting?

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