Husband upset that I took phone call from ex-boyfriend
I know my mother had a similar occurrence, where she heard from an ex from three decades earlier.  He apologised for their past difficulties, and they are now back in contact, talking on occasion and sharing old memories, and she also rekindled a close relationship with his own mother up until her death (possibly leading her back to the faith as well).  My father knows and knew about this the whole time; she discussed it with him, and he never had any issue.  There's no question of infidelity in their relationship, and she and the ex had both moved on in their lives.  I see no issue with this.

I can't speak for your husband or your relationship, but in general I would see trust in your spouse as an integral and fundamental part of a relationship.  That is to say, that I would trust my spouse as not being unfaithful to me simply because she had a nice conversation with conversation from a guy in her past, in the context of a school reunion no less.  It would raise the question to me of why it upset him so much.  Is there past infidelity?  Does he have issues with trust and security?  Was he hurt or betrayed in the past?  Or did he give a specific reason for it?  Was he perhaps upset that you were chatting and having fun whilst he was 'stuck' watching the kids?  Lots of options, and not really questions I'm asking to get answers for.

I'm sure people here will sharply disagree with me, and I'm also not looking to point and say he's unjustified in being upset.  I'm only saying that there's nothing inherently wrong with it, and even under inspection (as you describe it) it doesn't sound harmful at all, to me.

P.S. I see this is your first post; welcome to the forum!
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