Husband upset that I took phone call from ex-boyfriend
“But, my husband’s way of thinking is wrong.”

Seems like you’ve already made up your mind that you are right and that your husband is an overreacting control freak. Why ask our opinions on a forum if you’re just going to double down on what you think is right? 

It doesn’t seem like you’re even trying to see things from your husband’s perspective. Furthermore, as Seeker said, it appears you value the expedient relationship you suddenly rekindled with this guy more than you value your husband, the man you’ve pledged your life to. 

Again, if your husband spent 45 minutes chatting to a woman who was his “first love” (whatever that means), how would you feel? I’m sure you would be just as angry, jealous, and suspicious as he is, and rightfully so. 

I’ve said my piece: bowing out now.
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