Husband upset that I took phone call from ex-boyfriend
I can't speak for every man, but for myself, every other man is a threat to my wife.  Sure, I suppose I can have enough trust that my best friend would never do anything to my wife (if I had one) if left alone with her.  Doesn't matter.  I wouldn't want it to happen because you just never know.  I would be that kind of husband who would also try to avoid ever having a man over at the house alone with my wife (e.g. a repairman).  You just never know, and as I am sure we all know, sexual offence hurts more than just about every other offence.  I know someone who was an unfortunate victim.  Her life is really not what it ought to be, even though the offender is now dead.

The other thing is a man is supposed to have a defensive nature of sorts.  He should want to fight to protect that which is important to him and those whom he loves.  Men also are supposed to have by nature, quite frankly, a huge ego of sorts; so if a former lover of my wife is on the phone with her for nearly an hour, not only am I feeling threatened by another guy getting way too cosy with my wife; but I am also now wounded in my ego because it all makes me think this guy is offering something better than I am. "I work all day on the job to provide you a good life, and you're talking to some other guy now?  Am I not good enough?  Are you going to walk out on me for someone you ‘used to’ love?"  These may all sound like ridiculous thoughts to have, but they are the first impulses that will go off through a man's mind.

If we all knew that marriage was going to be forever, people would never come home to, "Dear John" letters. How many spouses have walked out on the other to the other's complete surprise? There's always the threat. Let there never be the appearance of it.
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