Husband upset that I took phone call from ex-boyfriend
(12-01-2020, 06:17 PM)Credidi Propter Wrote: Maybe they need to really ask themselves if they truly trust their spouse. A man shouldn’t feel so threatened as to think the only way his wife can be faithful to him is for other men to simply not be there. If a man feels so intimidated by other men potentially stealing his wife, maybe they should work on their trust issues. Adultery very frequently begins simply with friendly familiarity from the opposite sex, so it is wise to be cautious, but there is a difference between showing due caution and protecting one’s spouse, and simply being insecure.
You can be unfaithful with your affections and trust and sharing. It's not just carnal sex that can damage a relationship and wound a man. Someone already asked how you would feel if he took that call while you were in the room? If you want to catch up tell him to join you and your husband for a zoom happy hour
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