Catholic Attitudes Towards Alcohol
This is more of an opinion question than a theological one, per se, but I am wondering if I have been infused with too much of a Puritan mindset.

I drink, perhaps two or three drinks per week ordinarily (usually beer but occasionally something else), but as soon as a penitential day hits (e.g. Fridays, Ember Days, weekdays of Advent and Lent, etc.), I usually do not drink.  It's been built into my mind that alcohol consumption is a luxury, though that may be more influence by living in an historically-Protestant country and the exorbitant excise taxes applied to alcohol sales.  It also seems like something "fun" that should be given up once its time for penance (and I may be a rarity in that I drink because I am thirsty and enjoy the taste of beer.  I'm not really looking to feel the affects of alcohol.  In fact, it would be nice sometimes if they weren't there).

Yet there have been those, monks and others, who have fasted upon beer in penitential seasons such as Lent, to say nothing of those who drink as commonly as with most evening meals, not really thinking much of it.  My other traditional Catholic friends outdrink me by quite a bit.  They just don't see alcohol as exciting as I do, I suppose.

I understand how abstinence from alcohol can be a good penance and all that, but I guess I am questioning whether I should be viewing drinking in the way that I am.  I think my attitudes may be hindering the potential benefit I could derive should I be abstaining as a form of penance (it seems as if I am demonizing it somehow).  Also, because abstinence is one of my usual first go-tos for penance, I question whether I am depriving myself of a better action I could give up or do (though what that might be, I'm not sure).

So, how do others here view alcohol consumption?

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