Catholic Attitudes Towards Alcohol
(12-01-2020, 05:26 PM)NSMSSS Wrote:  I think my attitudes may be hindering the potential benefit I could derive should I be abstaining as a form of penance (it seems as if I am demonizing it somehow).  Also, because abstinence is one of my usual first go-tos for penance, I question whether I am depriving myself of a better action I could give up or do (though what that might be, I'm not sure).

So, how do others here view alcohol consumption?
I thought the idea of penance and abstinence was to give up something lawful in order to mortify the flesh.This doesn't demonize that thing but rather strengthens our self control.
I'd think about something you perhaps enjoy more than drinking and give that up.
Video games. Tv. Caffeine. Dessert. Salt. Driving when it's not a necessity. Sleeping in on your day off. It's all about finding what really helps you most.

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