MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)
(12-02-2020, 09:37 AM)SacraCor714 Wrote: Has anyone ever heard of the website/forums MGTOW? I explored it today, and it appears to me it is basically a platform for men that have been so wounded by evil women that they have given up on women all together. There are many men there who make the statement that “a woman cannot love a man,“ and they back it up with Bible verses. They claim that a woman is not physically capable of loving a man due to the way that she is wired, and she will always default to self-preservation when the rubber hits the road.

I’m not sure what to think about this; it is obvious that these men have been terribly hurt by very evil women, but I don’t know if they are so entrenched in their pain that they aren’t thinking straight, or perhaps that there is something to what they are saying. My husband and I have had lots of conversations about how difficult it is for a man to find a good woman these days, and what a risk a man takes by marrying a woman who could possibly destroy his life through divorce and take all of his assets and his children.

I don’t blame these men for being so jaded, but I feel like it’s not my place to say that they are over-reacting. Thoughts?

MGTOW is definitely a movement, much of it coupled with semen retention.  Lots of good info but I would caution MGTOW articles or information because it can easily lead men down a road to inceldom or women-hating.
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Men going their own way won't get very far! Not unless it's in a monastery!!!
(03-02-2021, 06:58 PM)TruthWhichIsChrist Wrote: Men going their own way won't get very far! Not unless it's in a monastery!!!

Isn't the old joke that we don't ask for directions?  Sounds like we'd get plenty far, but we can't guarantee where!
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