Is there such thing as liver cleaning/detox?
I suppose it depends what you mean. Toxic metabolites to the liver tend to build up from cytochrome p450 being saturated by use. I suppose the most obvious example of this in my mind is a paracetamol overdose. Here you do get a build up toxic metabolites - the detox here would be N-acetyl cysteine and lots of IV fluid to collects the toxins and allow the kidney to excrete them - I can't imagine anyone referring to this as a detox however, as detox carries connotations of spa therapy, the only environments I can think of 'washing the liver out' are in emergency use to specific metabolites or drugs. If someone is offering a liver cleanse/washout when you are in a state of general good health in exchange for your money, then I question their scruples. The liver is one of your hardiest organs - the best thing you can do for it is give a break from alcohol and fatty foods every once it a while and it will look after you.

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