The Christmas (Eve) menu and trying not to have anxiety over it
Has anyone started for Christmas Eve yet?  I'm panicking already.  As far as I know none of the relatives are coming over, and I'm supposed to be dropping off the food.
I am going to take extra time off from work to get things started, but it already seems overwhelming.

My tentative menu below.  I'm curious what others are making.  Maybe I can swap things out for less labor intensive dishes, or at least less labor intensive than these.  I know for sure there's a few I can make whenever and freeze, but I still think it's going to be a marathon week.

1. Beet soup (undecided about making the dumplings, it took a thousand hours last year for some reason)
2. Mushroom soup
3. Vegetable salad -  from the boiled vegetables from the soup base
4. Cabbage and split peas
5. Potato pierogi (going to buy, especially if I don't make the mushroom dumplings)
6. Fried shrimp and scallops
7. Cauliflower with breadcrumbs 
8. Rice stuffed cabbage
9. Mushroom and onion croquettes
10. Cheesecake
11. Poppyseed bread 
12. Fruitcake

I still have nightmares about seeing the carp in the barrels at the stores, so no, I will not be making "real" fish.

I kept intending to make krupnik or 44 this year, but it's way too late to start either of those.  In fact, I should have started no less than 24 days ago.

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