The Christmas (Eve) menu and trying not to have anxiety over it
(12-08-2020, 11:34 PM)Pandora Wrote: I get a little disheartened when people no longer want to follow tradition.  I feel like we shouldn't do the bare minimum just because it's all we are required to do, and there's beauty and wisdom to be gained in trying to accomplish things that are a little difficult.  That is why people drive themselves crazy with 12 dishes, and keeping carp alive in the bathtub, and sending someone outside to put the baby Jesus in the manger when the first star is out.  If we decide to forget all these things just because they don't make us "feel" anything, we've lost a great deal of our inheritance.

To get the train back on the tracks for this topic, I could order a pizza and crab Rangoons and technically fulfill the Christmas Eve tradition.  Where's the richness in that, though?  I'd lose just about all the symbolism and I'd definitely lose any connection to the past.

You can’t expect everyone to follow Eastern European, Italian, German, French or Irish catholic customs.  Not everyone belonged to those traditions prior to Vatican II, either.  If you like to keep the customs of your ancestors, that is laudable.  I do the same with mine.  However, the things which were law that are no longer, are also no longer universal customs.

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