The Christmas (Eve) menu and trying not to have anxiety over it
(12-09-2020, 03:32 PM)Elle19 Wrote: I really want to bring these sorts of things back. I’ve been collecting liturgical living books, and we’ve been benefiting SO MUCH from them! But no one taught us how to do any of this stuff. My husband, for example, was raised Catholic, but was never even taught how to say grace before meals, and my mother used to serve meat on Christmas Eve *facepalm* so we have had a long road behind us to even get where we are and an even longer road to go!!! Restoring Tradition is very important, and traditional food is incredibly important in bringing back Tradition. (Capitalization emphasis involved bouncing between threads, mea culpa!)

But because no one ever taught me how to do this, sometimes I think I need a checklist hahahaha

Which kind of Christmas Eve are you doing?  Any ideas in particular?

If you’re doing Polish, or any Slavic insofar as I am aware, you also need to get oplatki.  I think you can still order them in time for Christmas from religious stores.  Here’s an Amazon link, but they are way overpriced.  They usually aren’t more than $2 or $3 for a nice set like this.

PS: As a child, I always had to have the pink one because it was pink.  The pink one is supposed to be for the farm animals (or the dog if you don’t live on a farm).

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