Please Pray For My Wife
(01-05-2021, 06:54 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: She is not an anti-vaxxer, but given the lack of testing, etc. of these experimental vaccines she has decided to absolutely refuse to get one. This may cost her her job since she works for the Post Office and the CDC has decided that they are essential workers who should be amongst the first to get the jab. If they do not allow an opt out, she will either quit or be fired. Please pray that there is an option give postal workers.

Here in Canada, employees do not get fired or anything if they don't get the vaccine. There is hope!
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(02-19-2021, 12:33 PM)The Fairy Wrote: Here in Canada, employees do not get fired or anything if they don't get the vaccine. There is hope!

Canada's nicer than the Vatican. There, unless you have a valid medical excuse, take the jab or get fired.

From AP:

Quote:The Vatican is taking Pope Francis’ pro-vaccine stance very seriously: Any Vatican employee who refuses to get a coronavirus shot without a valid medical reason risks being fired. 

A Feb. 8 decree signed by the governor of the Vatican city-state says that employees who opt out of vaccination without a proven medical reason could be subject to a sanction up to and including “the interruption of the relationship of employment.” 
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I've said a prayer for your wife and her continued employment.
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