Peter de Rosa - Vicars of Christ
I purchased this believing it to be an historical account that could be used as a reliable reference for honest intellectual debate.  

Instead what I got was a poorly written polemic that reads like it was written by a disgruntled ex-employee bashing a former employer who sacked him.

I got as far as the first thirty pages that were chocker-block full of errors, fabrications, broad mental reservations and falsehoods.  After that, there was little point in continuing since I could not trust anything that was being said.  

If I didn't know better, I would think the book was co-authored by Jack Chick.  If you see someone referencing this book as some kind of authoritative discussion, be very suspicious of their scholastic aptitude.
I was going to recommend Vicars of Christ, the book by Charles A. Coulombe, as a better book in that category, but in checking for a link, it seems to be out of print at the moment. Sorry.
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