Grace, Faith and mind-over-matter
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Tonight I finished Isaac Weishaupt’s book Use Your Illusion I: Aliens, UFOs and the Occult, which covers the occult and mystical aspects associated with the whole realm of alien disclosure and "UFOology." Toward the end of the book, he speaks of strange aspects of quantum physics, wherein the state of subatomic particles are changed based upon observation. Which, he argues, empirically supports the idea of mind over matter and that man’s will can affect reality itself. He cites not only the findings of quantum reality, but also the beliefs of occult practitioners that associate belief with the manifestation of a conceived reality. This is going to be a little strange, and highly speculative, so bear with me.

While I have my reservations, I will admit the possibility of the conception of man influencing reality through mind due to our creation in the image of God. As God conceives of something, He brings it about in reality. So Man does the same, albeit through the means of material laws. And I would admit that since angels were most likely created without this potential, namely creation via will, the reason for the corruption of human souls is to bring about their own will through that of the creative power of mankind. Satan wants God's creation destroyed, and since it is not within his natural powers to carry this out, he acts through those creatures that were created with the Imago Dei and that can act through a creative will. Hence, in my estimation, why God forbids magick or divination of any kind, because angelic beings lack this capability, and therefore draw upon the creative powers of human will to bring about changes to reality. 

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If we look at the operations of grace and faith in the saints, we can see this exact conception playing out: wherein their belief in God through His grace allows them to alter reality, i.e. to perform miracles, based upon the assenting will of the saint. In this case, it would pertain to their own conformity to the will of God Himself, therefore resulting in things beyond the scope of natural explanations and the power of demonic entities. The Old Testament in particular is rife with examples of the correlation of a God-centered will (i.e. a strong faith) and the miracles performed publicly by Patriarchs such as Moses and Prophets such as Elias. In a sense, it is placing not the individual Prophet’s mind over matter, e.g. over created reality, but is conforming his mind to that of God’s order in the universe and allowing him to act according to it. Therefore, when he is asked by God to perform a sign or miracle, it is only through their faith in this command and their submission in the will that it comes about. Whereas, in the realm of magick, there is a similar activity that occurs because of the powers involved via the demons. Where the magician is submitting his will to that of the demonic entity, who naturally possesses greater faculties of will and intellect, and is channeling this same will power over things within the created reality. Therefore, the efficacy of a spell has much to do with the belief of the magician and the power of the entity they are channeling. Hence, as argued by some, the necessity of manifesting a conception of reality before the masses in order to channel the power of a demonic will through the creative faculties of the magician and the subjects of the deception. Resulting in a change to reality. Which is why things appear to be going right into the Abyss today, because most people buy into the conception of reality that is being given to them; rather than assenting to that which is ordered from Eternity by God.

This again is attested to by Our Lord Himself in the Gospels when He refused to perform miracles on-command for those who lacked faith, not because it was not within His power to perform them (Him being God of course), but that those requesting them did not have a will aligned with that of God and therefore would not perceive the miracle manifested before them as such. They did not assent to the reality which Our Lord was conceiving to them, and therefore it would not manifest in reality. In a way, it is like a current running through a conduit. If the conduit is faulty, then the current will not continue along that line. The current itself does not lack any power, but does require the participation of the conduit in order to act through that channel. And so it is with God. Where He can certainly act outside of individuals, and does not rely on them at all in order to act; but, His will is much more fully manifested if it is permitted to act through individuals. In the example of those testing Christ, they are the bad conduits that lack the grace to allow the miracle to be of any efficacy for them. While on the opposite end, Christ performed miracles with the purpose of converting the wills of those who were previously closed to faith in God through specific individuals, such giving sight to the blind and having the lame walk. 

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Further evidence of the manifestation of the creative power of the human will is seen with the confrontation between Pharaoh’s magicians and Moses. God, through Moses and Aaron, set the conception of reality before Pharaoh and his subjects through the miracle of the staff, wherein the miracle proved the efficacy of God's power to Pharaoh, whose will became subject to that of the reality before him. The magicians, assenting to this reality, were able to match Moses’ miracles by the power of their “gods” because their wills were submitted to entities much more powerful than them, which were utilizing their creative wills as a conduit to manifest these spells in response to Moses. Yet, in the end, Moses’ staff consumed the lesser snakes, in a way proving that the will of God triumphs over any and all lesser powers, in this case the demons that the magicians were working by and through. 

In essence, I can agree with the notion of man’s will having efficacy over reality in so far it is in the image of the Creator-God. This is something I suspect is unique to man as a rational being, and can only be utilized by the assent of will to an angelic will in order for good or bad angels to manifest a change to reality. Such as the Incarnation, which required assent of Mary’s will to that of God through the angel Gabriel. It is a unique power of man as it is tied into the temporal nature of man, whose will can shift between good and evil and affect the outcome of various chains of causality, ultimately affecting reality. The largest of these changes being the Fall. Therefore, in order to manifest God's will in our own lives we have to assent to His will in the first place. Otherwise, we remain blind to it and will not see any fruits of our labors manifest in our own lives (these, of course, above all being the virtues). And by this, refusal to assent our will to the conception of reality being presented to us by the Enemy actually lessens the power it holds over reality, and prevents the outcome Satan would seek. By refusing to participate in the belief that Satan will triumph over the Church, we are closing a channel of this creative power to affect reality.
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