Grace, Faith and mind-over-matter
Interesting post. Thank you for sharing. I think you are on to something here.

An Orthodox priest once told me that according to one of the Church Fathers that Mary conceived while reading the passage from Isaiah: "Behold a Virgin shall conceive and bear a son." This happened because she yearned for it to be so while being in a state of Theosis and uniting her purified will and the desirous aspects of the soul to the will of God actually manifested Christ in her womb. So to a certain extent she caused the Incarnation merely by her being a properly cleansed vessel ready to the receive the New Wine of the Holy Spirit and thus the Godhead came to dwell bodily within her affecting the salvation of humanity. Her purified imagination, properly recollected and attentive to the will of God actually affected reality and caused the conception of the Saviour.

We are called "gods" by grace and this includes as you are saying the ability to be sub-creators in union with our Creator. Thus we are made to be so united to the Holy Trinity that we take on His Divine Attributes, thus, miracles like bi-location, resurrection of the dead, understanding foreign languages we have never learned, being caught up in the Spirit to foreign lands, impassability, invisibility, miraculous healings etc. are all aspects of the Godhead that He shares with those who have united themselves to him through virtue.

Thus on the opposite side of the spectrum, those practitioners, for example of non-Christan religions, like Hinduism, Buddhism and Occultism are actively channeling demons through their ascetism, for they become united to the power of their created "gods" (which scripture tells us "the gods of the heathen are demons"). These fallen angelic beings, lacking passable bodies like ours have all the powers of the angels but have been corrupted by their rebellion and thus need a human host to use their powers whose ultimate goal is the damnation of as many souls as possible. Again, I can't remember which Church Father, but one of them points out that the demons think Christ will give in to their demands for equality with the Godhead if they drag enough souls to hell with them.
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