Free Traditional Catholic Books available on line.
The site below is a fantastic place to obtain free copies of Traditional Catholic Books to be read on line or downloaded in a variety of formats should you prefer. All are in the public domain and many are out of print or very difficult to obtain today. I have downloaded many and saved them to removable storage devices as one cannot be sure these days as to how long such a site with these links will remain available.
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Thank you. Quite a few titles that have been forever on my bucket list.
As if I needed even more to read. This is great, thank you for sharing
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(01-14-2021, 06:06 PM)Augustinian Wrote: As if I needed even more to read. This is great, thank you for sharing

I've just finished an article by Joseph Pearce in which he said, 'I have long since reached the conclusion that, when I die, there will be many more books that I should have read than those that I have actually read'. 

I totally agree!
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