“Media Fasting” — Discussion by Father Ripperger
I think now is a great time to just set all media aside and just focus on our true task in life: becoming Saints.

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I agree wholeheartedly.  Put the idiot boxes down and take up actual hobbies that develop tangible skills that will add value to your life so that no psy-op can imprison you.  Learn a language.  Play an instrument.  Make art.  Read extensively on a topic of interest.  Build something.
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I am working on terminating my Facebook account. Not just as a "media fast" but because of censorship, how they track everybody, and their AI. That leaves a few personal interest forums (like this one) and watching various Catholic pundits, gun guys, and cat videos on YouTube.
I was going to wait until Lent, but I think it's a good idea to begin limiting my intake of polemical pollution now.  Thanks for the reminder!
Less media = less brainwashing.

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