"Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective"
This is an excellent book, written for most folks to understand, about the Catholic Perspective of Vaccines. It gets specific and is a great resource for those interested in how vaccines can effect you from a Catholic viewpoint as well as the scientific one.

It sold like hotcakes and is in a second printing just now (I ordered early and have a copy), but will be available soon.

Here's a link to the site offering the book:

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(02-01-2021, 02:21 PM)Zedta Wrote: This is an excellent book, written for most folks to understand, about the Catholic Perspective of Vaccines. ...

Thank you for the link to P. Acker's book.   I look forward to reading it and having loved ones read it. 

This is an interview she did not long ago. 

The National Catholic Bioethics Center's article on the vaccines is also worth checking out.

Obviously we should be concerned about the inappropriate use of fetal cell tissue; however I honestly don't think that is the biggest moral problem related to COVID-19 treatments.  

"Therapeutic Nihilism" to quote a med school prof--the dishonest suppression of available treatments for outpatients--has been the biggest moral problem related to C19.   https://covexit.com/excellence-in-early-...-nihilism/

A Yale prof, H. Risch, thinks that many tens of thousands lives have been lost unnecessarily due to this suppression of available treatments.

Back in the Summer one of the world's (formerly) most respected medical journals, the Lancet, published a fake study saying HCQ was killing lots of people around the world.  Due to the Lancet's reputation many countries changed their guidance and restricted access to the medication.   Later it was determined to be fake and the paper was retracted. 

Dr Risch tells what happened in Switzerland after the fake paper was published.  This likely was happening around the world. 

"On May 27, the Swiss national government banned outpatient use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19. Around June 10, COVID-19 deaths increased four-fold and remained elevated. On June 11, the Swiss government revoked the ban, and on June 23 the death rate reverted to what it had been beforehand.

Harvey Risch  opinion: FDA obstruction: Patients die, while Trump gets the blame.  

"the FDA does not mention that it has no data showing adverse events in outpatient use. In short, among relatively healthy outpatients, HCQ has amassed one of the deepest and most extensive safety records of any drug in history, and the FDA’s warning implication of general harm is an outright lie."
"There is extensive evidence that HCQ, when used within the first five days of symptom onset, produces a sharp and statistically significant reduction in hospitalization and mortality.

Some people think the suppression of outpatient treatments was intended to protect emergency use authorization for the experimental new Moderna vaccine. Supposedly the US NIH owns half of a key patent for that vaccine. An effective treatment would have threatened EUA authorization.
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