Kids who have trouble dealing with the real world
One day it happens: the power goes out and the TV or TVs are dead, along with the computer. Then cell phones die. What do the kids do? Or how about going to physical stores and asking for help? I was talking to someone at my local bank who said: "My niece is afraid to ask for help in a store." Or how about learning to do simple math without a calculator? Or doing physical work for a short period each day? With knowing how to deal with people who are not family members. Learning how to live life without electronics helps young people cope and to use their muscles instead of spending all that time sitting.
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Only thing  I can think of it's because of the parents. They raise their children to be afraid is all i can think of. And of course I can get  it because  of all the videos and news stories about people abducting kids.Some are even so bold as to try to do it in public, in Walmart as has been captured on video. But that person's niece shouldn't be afraid to ask a store worker for help, or if looking for something as an older lady customer. I'm an adult, and I sometimes have other adults when I'm in a store ask for help. Like  in the grocery store or Target because for some reason they  think i work there,even though i am not dressed  as such.
We kids didn't have  electronics growing up, I'm 64 we played outside and at school during recess. My dad as a kid grew up in Hot Springs,Arkansaas in the 1920s and 30s, and used to run around the piney woods and camp ,fish and hunt with a couple of neighbor boys. Everything is done for these kids. They need to learn to be self sufficent.  Lots of kids  back in the days of my parents, the Great Depression and WW2  would sell papers, shine shoes, and do other things to help the family out. A lot of vocational classes were removed from schools, because of the push for  college. Now they are finding out that not everyone is suited for college.Also, they see these so called influncers on TikTok Youtube,etc. and want to make a lot of money but not work for it.
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The lives of many children are now almost entirely devoted to gadgets. If a smartphone (or tablet, laptop) appears in the family, then be prepared for the child to eat, while collecting crystals in the game; write you messages on social networks, being in the next room; fall asleep with a phone in hand and so on. We need to do something. But what? If you just take the phone away, be prepared for a scandal. For now my son goes to after school care, at least there will be something for him to do. Here are their Florida locations, if anyone is interested. I don’t even know what to do when he grows up.
And at the same time we are setting a bad example by spending the exact same amount of time on forums like this one on our own electronic devices. Some posters spend their entire day posting. Makes me wonder if they even take a shower/bath during the course of the day.
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