Pope Francis appoints first woman to be able to vote at a Synod of Bishops
National Catholic Register.

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(02-06-2021, 07:55 PM)AlanK82 Wrote: National Catholic Register.


I wasn't actually worked up about it.  The intended humor seems to have been lost in transmission.
(02-06-2021, 07:07 PM)AlanK82 Wrote: Pope Francis reaffirms John Paul II’s ban on women priests


Typical modernist tactic, speaking out of both sides of the mouth. 'Reaffirming' whilst undermining.
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Women's suffrage is the reason America has fallen which I am sure makes Jorge Bergoglio happy. He is obviously actively trying to undermine and destroy the Church so this tried and true method is only logical. I am so tired of watching helplessly as globalists destroy everything in which I believe.
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(02-09-2021, 12:23 AM)Bushum Wrote: Women's suffrage is the reason America has fallen

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