Today; 2/12/21: Feast of St. Meletius of Antioch (early 300s to 381 AD)
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Feast of St. Meletius of Antioch (early 300s to 381 AD) 

    St. Meletius was born in Melitene in Armenia in the early 300s. He became the bishop of Sebaste, Armenia, in 358. In 360, he was named Patriarch of Antioch. There he ordained the future St. Basil the Great as a deacon. He also baptized and encouraged another of the greatest luminaries of the Church, St. John Chrysostom, who later eulogized Meletius. Meletius suffered repeated banishments by various Arian emperors, but at the end of his life he convened the Second Ecumenical Council, the First Council of Constantinople, in 381. 
    Before the start of the Council, St. Meletius raised his hand displaying three fingers, and then, withdrawing two fingers and leaving one extended, he blessed the people, proclaiming: “We understand three hypostases [persons], and we speak about a single nature.” With this declaration, a fire surrounded the saint like lightning. During the Council, St. Meletius fell asleep in the Lord. St. Gregory of Nyssa honored the memory of the deceased with a eulogy. (link)

    St. Meletius was known for his simplicity and asceticism, remarkable in view of his great private wealth. He is venerated as a saint and confessor in both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. His feast day is February 12.
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