ethical objection vs correcting the science (virology and vaccines)
(02-14-2021, 10:49 PM)TruthWhichIsChrist Wrote: I apologize for writing something so long. At the very least I invite you to click on a few of the embedded links. They are very interesting and informative!

In discussions of vaccines, many Christians frame their analysis around the ethical problem, i.e. the argument that a vaccine can be refused on the ethical ground that fetal tissue contributed to its creation and testing. Fetal tissue utilization is actually a worse problem than I thought: look for the book by Pamela Acker, “Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective”, and her various interviews such as the one footnoted below (1) by Restoring the Faith.

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You're right--it was a long post :-) !  Good stuff, though.  Thank you.

Many of the links you posted refer to material that has long been known (or at the very, very least suspected) by a great many practitioners of homeopathy.  We (I practiced homeopathy for many years in the U.K.) see disease as an imbalance in the human system leading to a loss of homeostasis.  Restore the homeostasis (or clean up the terrain, if you will) and health can be restored.  Another vital principal is that of pre-disposition and susceptibility, both related to homeostasis--or even another way of talking about it. 
A reading of Hahnemann's classic Organon of Medicine (here's a link to Kunzli's translation of the 6th edition, the one I prefer--, while not necessarily an easy read, is well worth the effort for anyone wanting to understand a different perspective on disease and healing from the one crammed down our throats by the modern allopathic medical/pharmaceutical establishment.

By the way...just for the record, I am NOT dismissing all of modern western medicine and pharmacology.  There is much to be admired and made judicious use of.  But it is most definitely not the only way to effectively treat and even cure disease!
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