ethical objection vs correcting the science (virology and vaccines)
I am a fan of Dr. Weston A Price, being introduced to his theories through Sally Fallon's book, Nourishing Traditions. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND.)
This book was a real eye opener and changed the way I thought of food and fed my family. It had a sacred spot in my kitchen and proclaimed the benefits of bone broth, probiotics, healthy fats and many other ideas LONG before they became mainstream.

Everyone should be familiar with Dr. Price's theories concerning food and why the majority of people in developed countries need braces, but the children in underdeveloped areas, untouched by the WESTERN diet, do not. Its fascinating, sad and encouraging at the same time.

This is purely antecdotal, but considering that I learned this info after the birth of my second child, but before the births of my third and fourth, it is interesting that only my older two children needed braces.

So, I am absolutely biting at the bit to read The Contagion Myth! Thank you!!
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