Please pray for Fr. Dominic Quadras, diocesan Catholic Priest interested in TLM.
Dear FE Family and Prayer Warriors,

Fr. Dominic Quadras is a diocesan Catholic Priest of Karwar diocese in Bangalore, India.

He is interested in learning to offer the TLM. He just reached out to me the other day by email.

I would appreciate prayers for him. I informed my SSPX Priest, Fr. Therasian, and he replied.

Fr. T said they would definitely be interested in helping Fr. D offer the TLM. Please pray for both Priests.
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Wonderful.  I also teach lessons; if I can be of any assistance from afar with answering questions, he is welcome to reach out to me.
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Praying for both priests.

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Cor Immaculatum Mariae, ora pro nobis. (Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.)
Sancte Pie Quinte, ora pro nobis.(St. Pius V, pray for us.)
Sancte Pie Decime, ora pro nobis.(St. Pius X, pray for us.)
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