Career Dilemma
My dream is to be a barber and to go to barber's school in Louisville across the river. My fear though is that it would be hard to earn enough money to raise a family. It can be an inconsistent career earning wise. My other option is to get an apprenticeship in carpentry in the union, ughh I know. Afterwards I would want to work for a private local company. It statistically raises a higher salary than a barber. I know it requires prayer to discern. Any advice? I've been wanting to ask my barber about it and my father was formally a trim carpenter.
I used to say there are two jobs that are recession-proof: Barber and funeral director. People don't stop needing haircuts (until they die, and then they need funeral directors). They're evidently not epidemic-proof.

I'm not sure what the earnings of each would be to compare. I can get not wanting to be in a union job, but when it's good honest work such as carpentry, it's a pain that does give you the good wages and job security.

I think your best starting place is to talk to those you know who can comment on the potential earnings. If you'd report back what they say, I could say more.

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