I think our Catechesis must go back to the fundamentals of our Faith. Some traditional Priests, both SSPX and even FSSP, just mostly ignore Vatican II in their Catechesis. What is necessary for the faithful to know is that they must assist in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass devoutly, receive Holy Communion frequently, adore and genuflect before the Eucharistic Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, stay close to the Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother, pray the Rosary, wear the Scapular, and strive for holiness in their daily lives. Unfortunately some texts of the Council have been understood to mean laity must be involved in bureaucracies within the Church, rather than pursue sanctity in their own every day occupations. I think the intent of "universal call to holiness" was good to begin with, but it all went off the rails somewhere. Yes, we are called to holiness, in our own lives, not in trying to play make-believe Priests as "extraordinary ministers" of Holy Communion etc.

In times of doubt and innovation, we must hold firmly to what is clear and certain. The TLM, Eucharistic Adoration, the Blessed Mother's Rosary, Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart, and making reparation. This is what Our Lady and Our Lord have themselves preached when They came down to Heaven to speak to various Saints. This is what imo we must practice. The horrible confusion of the post-Conciliar era has thrown many Catholic certainties into doubt. It will by God's Grace be cleared up in due time by the proper authorities. I personally am with Bp. Athanasius Schneider that some kind of Papal Syllabus rejecting errors that came from the Council will ultimately be required one day. We will have a holy Pope one day soon, and H.H. will take care of the rest. Until then, its our duty to strive to be holy, and to make use of the best means of sanctification available, which are in Tradition and in traditional devotions. No one can fault traditional Catholics for doing so.
"My dear Jesus, before the Holy Trinity, Our Heavenly Mother, and the whole Heavenly Court, united with Your Most Precious Blood and Your Sacrifice on Calvary, I hereby offer my whole life to the Intention of Your Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Together with my life, I place at Your disposal all Holy Masses, all my Holy Communions, all my good deeds, all my sacrifices, and the sufferings of my entire life for the Adoration and Supplication of the Holy Trinity, for Unity in our Holy Mother Church, for the Holy Father and Priests ..."
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