Freedom Gone: Bishop Banned From Twitter For NOT Promoting Suicide
So, an anti 'euthanasia' tweet got him banned for 'promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm'? Typical Leftist 'logic'!

The Oligarchs' barred the Bishop of Elphin, Kevin Doran, 67, for criticising the Irish government’s plan to "legalise" euthanasia, the Sunday Times journalist David Quinn writes (, February 20).

This is the tweet that got Doran banned, "There is dignity in dying. As a priest, I am privileged to witness it often. Assisted suicide, where it is practiced, is not an expression of freedom or dignity, but of the failure of a society to accompany people on their ‘way of the cross’."

In order to euthanise the bishop, turned Doran's statement into its opposite claiming that he had violated rules by “promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm.” In reality, Doran violated rules by criticising euthanasia which promotes. National-Socialist Germany was a strong promoter of euthanasia.

The barring of the bishop was no mistake. has turned down on appeal and “will not overturn” the decision. The move came as several groups are successfully fighting for a public debate against euthanasia in Ireland.

The highest cleric banned form so far is Prague Cardinal Dominik Duka.
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This is more galling than their decision to censor the President and help that usurper steal the White House.

It is less surprising, though.
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Sociopaths will sociopath.
All is well, his account and post have been restored.

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