Opinions on Jean Danielou and Jacques Maritain
A holy Lent to all.

I was reading Jean Danielou's book on biblical typology, From Shadows to Reality. I have honestly been very impressed with it so far and have found it illuminating.

And this is something that I find a little troubling. I know that Danielou was a part of the nouvelle theologie movement, which certainly had connections to men of a neo-modernist bent (I am loath to use the term modernist now.) 

Has anyone read anything by Danielou which would be outright heretical or modernist? (I don't want to hear anecdotes about his death.)

The same goes for Jacques Maritain and for similar reasons, who I understand did go a little off the rails, especially in social teaching towards the end of his life. 

Regardless, if anyone has done any reading into either men's work, I would greatly appreciate the imput.

In caritate

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Avoid Maritain’s political philosophy. His work in metaphysics, philosophy of nature, epistemology, art and aesthetics are good.
Maritain's Peasant of the Garonne is a fantastic book.

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