The Left's Virtual Book Burning: Stop Buying from Amazon
(02-24-2021, 06:56 PM)ChairmanJoeAintMyPresident Wrote:
(02-24-2021, 06:01 PM)J Michael Wrote:
(02-24-2021, 04:29 PM)ChairmanJoeAintMyPresident Wrote: Like what?  We've cut Amazon out of our lives since AWS deplatformed Parler, and only twice have I even thought about going back.

Point taken.

The question wasn't rhetorical, actually.  Everybody's situation is different.  We live on the outskirts of a medium-sized metro, so we have everything from warehouse stores down to smaller family-run operations.

If there are certain things that just can't be found in person, there are other ways to order online.  I'm buying more stuff on eBay and from independent stores.  eBay  probably isn't any better, politically, but it's not the genderqueer demisexual elephant in the room.
We live between Frederick and Baltimore in Maryland, both of which we try to avoid at all costs, esp. Baltimore.  We have a Walmart superstore, Home Depot, and about a thousand fast food places.  I'm not sure about Walmart's politics other than they buy a crap load of stuff from China which pisses me off.  

So, if ebay "probably isn't any better, politically..." the only thing that would seem to differentiate it from Amazon is that it's not the elephant you so eloquently describe. does that make it better and why not stop buying from them, too?  Or are you suffering from pachydermism :-) ? 

Seems to me that if we were to stop buying from anyone who is like Amazon politically, we may start running out of places to buy things from.  Now, that might just not be a bad thing....

What about Barnes and Noble?  Are their politics any better?  Serious question, cuz I don't know.

One thing that I might offer in our defense, such as it is, is that we are on an extremely limited budget and it just so happens that much of what we buy at Amazon and Walmart is actually much more affordable for us than elsewhere, especially the smaller stores, the mom and pop shops which we support to the extent we are able but unfortunately just cannot compete.  Do without some stuff?  Yup...we do without lots of stuff already.

But you have given me/us good food for thought and we will definitely start looking more seriously for viable alternatives to Amazon.  Thanks!
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