The Left's Virtual Book Burning: Stop Buying from Amazon
(02-24-2021, 08:37 PM)J Michael Wrote: So, if ebay "probably isn't any better, politically..." the only thing that would seem to differentiate it from Amazon is that it's not the elephant you so eloquently describe. does that make it better and why not stop buying from them, too?  Or are you suffering from pachydermism :-) ? 

Seems to me that if we were to stop buying from anyone who is like Amazon politically, we may start running out of places to buy things from.  Now, that might just not be a bad thing....

Well, it's not a perfect strategy. :) But there are two things that it does have going for it, I think.

The first thing is that boycotting Amazon is taking a swing at the biggest bad guy. Even if we still buy stuff from the other bad guys, taking a swing at the biggest and baddest one sends a message to the others. "Amazon Profits Plummet Amid Right-Wing Boycott" is a headline that will stop all of this woke nonsense in its tracks.

The second thing is that a company's influence and, therefore, ability to export cultural degeneracy doesn't scale linearly. If the average company exports N units of cultural degeneracy per year, then a company twice its size doesn't export 2N units of cultural degeneracy. Instead, it exports 4N units (or more) of cultural degeneracy per year. Simply by favoring smaller exporters of degeneracy, we can limit the harm they do.

(02-24-2021, 08:37 PM)J Michael Wrote: What about Barnes and Noble?  Are their politics any better?  Serious question, cuz I don't know.

I have no idea. A website called 2ndvote used to compile research like this. But I think they require a subscription to see their ratings, now.

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