The Left's Virtual Book Burning: Stop Buying from Amazon
(02-24-2021, 11:08 PM)Blind Horus Wrote: Such a strange age. Must be some sort of Gov't drug behind this rapid rise in homosexuality (and all it's ill effects).

And people wonder why the right are never taken seriously. What sort of drug would that be that turns people gay, and increases acceptance of it, and where's the proof it does so?

The much more likely culprit is a combination of original sin, peer pressure, and self-interest. You've got a generation of children who are being told how normal homosexuality is and how bigoted and evil people who disagree are. Gay 'marriage' has been legal in the US, at least in some states, since 2004, so today's teenagers know nothing else. Add in hormones (plus the disorder we all have from original sin), and maybe some of them are willing to have sex with whomever's available, boy or girl. Even 20 years ago, they would have been shamed about it, and most of them would grow out of it, just like the three-year-old boy who sees his sisters wearing fancy dresses and wants to do the same, not knowing any better. But now that boy would be told he's really a girl, just like the teenagers experimenting with same-sex stuff are encouraged. And they see how celebrated homosexuals are, and how you get ahead in life by playing the victim card, so why not go with it? You double the amount of sexual partners available, you're immune to criticism (since anyone who does so must be a homophobe), and you get told how wonderful you are. What's the downside? It's not like that hell thing exists - not even those Catholics believe in that anymore. Vatican II got rid of it.

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