Catholic Authors in the Military
(04-15-2021, 06:13 AM)Mr. Cowboy Wrote: Say, I wanna ask, on books from the Internet Archive I don't have a problem reading the older books. But when you get much younger authors, say, those after the 1950's I begin to worry about copyright. The thing is, I only read books that have a 'borrow' option to them if they are that recent. That's because I'm in a library, albeit a digital one, and I don't think I'm just getting the book without borrowing it from the library. What's your take on this?

There are certain books I just can't read. I've got to respect the copyright laws first. And for that, I might have to abandon the recent books and instead focus on the older ones. It isn't such a bad thing though.

EDIT: Forget it, I'll figure it out. I might read the ones that I can only borrow though or if they are more or less a century old.

Books are a bit different than piracy of games or movies. Unlike those things which are usually just entertainment put on a disc or encoded into a machine, a book's main profit to the author and publishers is in its printing. If they're out of print they're no longer being published and nobody's making money so you don't have to worry about it being theft. Unless there's a specific stipulation by the publisher/author saying they do not condone copies being made I wouldn't be too concerned. If you can't find a physical book printed in the 70's at any nearby bookstore, the publisher's gone out of business and all you can find is a scan of it I can't see why it'd be morally wrong to download it. Knowledge ought to be preserved, especially in these times of digital book burnings.

I've never really had the problem as I usually prefer hard copies. However I used to pirate a lot of older video games. At the time I didn't really mind since they usually weren't being made anymore and most of them ought to be preserved in some fashion. However I can't deny that many of them had copyrights that I couldn't infringe on in good conscience now, not without atleast owning a physical release.
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