Popes visit to Iraq
(02-25-2021, 01:55 PM)Sword of St. Michael Wrote: I know this is a church militant article. However, there are a few things they brought up that I didnt see in other articles about his visit to Iraj, namely, the visiting of the plains of UR.


To be honest, of late I have gotten fairly numb to all this and, in similar thought as politics in America, there is little that I personally can do to change things so why let it raise my blood pressure mentality.

However, with the pachamama stuff, the JP2 interfaith stuff, the abrahamic unified worship house place, this seems to be all of the same modernist idea, all religions are equal. What better way then to have leaders of many faiths gather at a destroyed temple to a demon (moon goddess), with the most recognizable head of religion and the head of the only true religion, presiding there. 

I may be thinking too far into this, but stuff like this sends red flags up all over the place in my mind. What are everyone's thoughts?
Oh. Pope Francis is going to visit the Chaldean Churches there. It is good he is going to visit them. (Also, I don't think he is worshipping a demon or moon goddess)
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