My wife apologized, yet it still really hurts
(03-01-2021, 10:56 AM)Julia Augusta Wrote:
(02-28-2021, 11:50 PM)Machabeus Wrote: All my life I’ve felt close to the Blessed Virgin Mary, feeling a special love for her throughout my life. Recently I discovered the *Scapular* and discovered how satisfying it was getting enrolled and how complimentary pleasing it is to my rosary obsession wearing it, it’s as if I was meant for it. My wife is Protestant., the morning after my enrolment (Not really paying attention much to what I say) came downstairs while I was working out and said...

‘You went to bed with that?, so now you're going to wear that ugly square thing for the rest of your life?' 

It is extremely exhausting being married to an insensitive person. I feel like turning the other cheek achieves nothing. I confronted her later on and she acted like she hasn’t said anything that wrong. Ugh!
It’s like way to go and attach a sad memory to it.
You should keep praying. Pray until your teeth fall out, especially for your wife, not just for yourself. You have said that she’s insensitive and that you’re suffering. Think of her suffering forever in eternity in hell. That’s way worse than what you’re feeling right now. I know it’s difficult to imagine. I’m married to a Jewish guy (I came back to the church in 2017 after 40 yrs away) and my husband doesn’t even believe in God as in the God of Jacob and Moses and Elias. Fortunately he does love going to beautiful Catholic churches and he loves Assisi and the cell of St. Thomas Aquinas in Naples. I pray for him every single day because I know hell is so terrible that you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. Miracles happen all the time. This month pray to Saint Joseph. He’s a totally amazing Saint. He really delivers.

Thank you for sharing!

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