My wife apologized, yet it still really hurts
I grew up in a home where there was a great deal of religious tension.  My mother professed to be Catholic but it was more moral theraputic deism mixed with a good dose of hippy crap.  My dad recently commented that he has been struggling to save both his marriage and his soul for many years.  It was a weird place to be: watching it all unfold, keenly aware of the tension between my parents, and seeing the sort of disparaging remarks you have experienced from your wife.  Here's what I would say: as long as there is life, there is hope of conversion.  Never Stop Praying.  Never.  Pray for your wife and sacrifice for her.  Also, know you are not alone in experiencing that kind of hostility to your faith.  Offer your sufferings to Christ in reparation for your wife's sins.  Offer your love, constancy and dedication: it is a beautiful sacrifice to give.   

FYI - My parents are still fighting about religion and they are almost 50 years married.  I have come to believe that if the nuns that educated my mother taught her any of the garbage she spouts on a regular basis, they are in serious trouble with Our Lord.  I suspect it came from her own family though; I hear my grandmother's voice in her comments quite regularly.  And so I pray - a lot.  I hope that ignorance counts for something, though how she can not know so much about her supposed faith is quite beyond me.
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