My wife apologized, yet it still really hurts
I know this might sound like strange advice, but don’t try to “convince” your wife. Trying to convince people of something is almost never successful. You’d be far better off praying and fasting for her enlightenment and conversion. Your wife (and others) will be inspired by you when they see you living a joyful and holy life, free from the worries of this world as you place your trust entirely in Christ. It’s hard work. It requires that you always maintain a constant, prayerful awareness of God’s Presence. 

Yes, there’s a time to correct someone who sins. But, let’s be honest: how often do we really “correct others” with the sole intention of loving God perfectly, and truly wanting the sinner to be converted and healed? I know my past has been filled with moments of “warning” sinners, when, in fact, it was likely just a prideful desire to be right.
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