Confused about training and diet
Hi all, I’m 18 years old and about 176cm. Within the last year I have lost 15kg, dropping from 77kg to 62kg. I hit the gym 5 times a week, do personal football (soccer) training 5 times a week and twice a week intensely with my team. I do 30 minutes of hiit cardio on non team training days as well. My goal is to develop that leaner shredded physic however at this time I’m incredibly skinny and have a strong core when I feel it but cannot visibly see it. Should I continue aiming to loose weight to get those visible abs or am I going about this wrong?
It may be how you are naturally built. I'm 18 box and am around 171 cm, 72 kilos. Honestly, it would probably be best to ask your coach advice, but personally I wouldn't shed a lot of weight for aesthetics. I'd just train for strength, speed, and endurance and not focus too much on how I look.
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Sounds like you need to eat more and not worry about your six pack. In fact, if you're starving yourself, you might not get the visible abs.
I'm not a man, but I've read that it's difficult for many men to get a "six-pack" without extreme dehydration and starvation. Basically, the fat on your stomach is the last fat to get burned, so you have to be at 3-4% body fat percentile for the abdominal muscles to show prominently. In the Wolverine movies, Hugh Jackman nearly passed out on the set several times because they wouldn't let him drink water so his abs and veins would be more visible. 

I wouldn't worry so much about getting shredded. I will tell you this, from a woman's perspective: when I see a shredded dude, I don't think "wow, he's so hot...I want his babies!" Rather, I think "how much time did he spend in the gym working on his body when he could have been working on his soul?" Perhaps that's just me, but I see extremely fit men (whom you can just tell at a glance that they practically live in the gym) as being rather vain. 

As long as you are healthy and eating lots of animal protein (not plant protein!) you should have nothing to worry about.
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You can be in excellent physical shape and not have abs. To get them it requires giving up virtually all sugar, booze, you must do high intense cardio of extreme duration, etc. In my mind its not worth it. I'd just be healthy and not worry how I look under the shirt.
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