Difficulty with the rosary
Have you ever read the Secret of the Rosary by St Louis de Montfort? that book really helped me to see the Rosary in a new way... I've struggled with the Rosary too, but it helped me to use different meditations for each Hail Mary... also one point in the book that really helped me, is that the Hail Mary really brings joy to our Blessed Mother. Thinking of this helps me to want to pray the Rosary more. I think if we don't feel like praying, it's just something to act against, and our prayer would be more meritorious if we have to struggle for it more :) God bless you!
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The Secret of the Rosary is on my nightstand under a pile of books.  I started to read it some months back but it was tough going so I stopped.  Maybe I will pick it up again.
The Rosary is probably my favourite Devotion. I believe it’s been years since I’ve gone a day without praying at least five decades of The Rosary. I think would be in much, much better shape if people were praying The Rosary daily (in a state of grace especially, of course).
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I have always been glad to be a member of this: https://www.rosarycenter.org/
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I break down decades.  It's a spiritual bouquet for The Mother of God.

BTW this past week was the Feast of The Holy Rosary.
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TruthWhichIsChrist Wrote:I have always been glad to be a member of this: https://www.rosarycenter.org/

Thank you for this link.  This looks interesting.

I really like the points for meditation under "Praying the Rosary without Distractions."
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I struggle with saying the Rosary too. I have been having greater success when praying along with Kate and Mike on youtube. I put my headphones on and pray while doing mindless chores (dishes, folding laundry etc) or when Im walking.

It is a scriptural rosary said at a brisk pace, so even with the scripture verses, it isnt any longer than it usually is and it REALLY helps me stay focused. Thought I had it down enough to be enrolled in the Brown Scapular, with a Rosary dispensation. Wouldn't you know it, once I enrolled, it got even more difficult. Lol

It seems for me when I say the Rosary, I pray more all around. And when I dont say it, my other prayers start to falter as well.

I also noticed that the earlier I say it the better. If I leave it until evening, its not happening.

That said ... I LOVE THE ROSARY. I just dont always love praying it bc I find it so tedious and I too often lack the discipline.

I enjoy the Little Office, but cant get them ALL in everyday to fulfill my Scapular obligation. And like Evangelium, I want the graces that come with saying the Rosary, especially "peace in the family."
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(03-06-2021, 03:13 PM)Evangelium Wrote: I experience a strong resistance to praying the rosary.  It takes a pure act of the will to sit down and pray it in the evening.  With God's grace, I manage to pray it every evening.  Does anyone else deal with this?

I have read that St. Therese of Lisieux had an aversion to the rosary.  So I am not in bad company.

I realize that the rosary is not obligatory, but I want to comply with Our Lady's requests and I want the graces that come from praying the rosary.

St. Therese and Bl. Bartolo Longo, pray for us.
I recommend that you put forth the effort. Many times when God leads a soul to holiness it is led through dryness and lack of consolation.
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This may not be possible based on your setting but try singing/chanting it. Singing makes everything easier. St Augustine said when you sing you pray twice, although I think he meant you pray twice as long because its less of a chore :)
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While I find it difficult at times to concentrate on the mysteries, I also find that it puts my soul at peace and brings GOD back in to focus. There is a reason we all at times feel resistance when it comes to praying the rosary the evil one hates it!
"The Eucharist is the Sacrament of Love; it signifies love, It produces love. The Eucharist is the consummation of the whole spiritual life." -St. Thomas Aquinas

“To be tempted is a sign that the soul is very pleasing to the Lord.” St. Padre Pio
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