Meghan marrying Harry 3 days before
(03-17-2021, 08:45 AM)Marmot Wrote: The analogy with Holy Orders does not hold because in the case of Holy Orders, the Anglican rite is invalid by Divine law, that is, it is not a question of canon law and thus the Church has no power to make an Anglican rite ordination valid. However the Divine law requirements for marriage to be valid is nothing more than the consent of the spouses. The requirement of witnesses is a requirement of canon law and thus the Catholic Church has the power to dispense from it, and She does so in the case of heretics.

On account of this, even a marriage of two Protestants before the justice of the peace is a valid sacramental marriage, provided Divine law be observed. And it is no less valid if the sect of the Protestants has a make-believe "Canon law" that says such a marriage is invalid.If I were wrong about this, then the Catholic Church could declare such marriages null upon the parties' conversion to Catholicism (that is, simply on account of failure to observe Protestant "canon law" requirements), yet this doesn't happen.

Ok, but Divine Law is not some magic thing that exists in the sky apart wholly from human action.  Why is it Divine Law?  Because Peter has bound it.  Why is the Edwardine ordination rite invalid and forever defective?  Because theology says so.  It was reasoned on the merits of the case.  The invalidity of the rite was a human judgment recorded in the heavens.  The case is closed and not to be reopened.  

The reasoning behind declaring the rite to be invalid rests on the intent of the rite being forever attached to the rite; as the rite signifies the intent.  The men who created this rite, late 1540s England, were all very Calvinist, it not some outright Zwinglian.
(04-02-2021, 12:00 AM)Jerry Towns Wrote: No she didn't
the archbishop did not even need to be aware of what was happening

Oh, but he would have been quite aware of what was happening, that's why he knew it wasn't a wedding in any legal sense under the laws of England.

From the interview:

Meghan: No one knows that. But we called the Archbishop, and we just said, ‘Look, this thing, this spectacle is for the world, but we want our union between us’. So, like, the vows that we have framed in our room are just the two of us in our backyard with the Archbishop of Canterbury, and that was the piece that . . . 

So she claims, falsely, that they called him up, told him they wanted to get married in their back yard but he says it didn't happen. If it actually happened, I'm sure that members of the Royal Protection Squad would be happy to verify it, since the Sussexes were still under their protection. Except when they're asleep, I doubt that any of the immediate Royal Family are ever out of sight of at least one member of the Squad. 

I grant your point that a natural, valid marriage may have occurred in the backyard, but that was in no sense a 'private wedding' as Markle is claiming.
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who cares about the laws of England
it has no effect on the sacrament
the archbishop should have continued to shut his mouth
what sort of clergyman would offer comment to the media on private spiritual matters?
the palace in their insidiousness is behind this
prince albert was a mason after all

this is what happens when you force a child to walk behind his mother's funeral carriage
through the throngs of london
(04-02-2021, 12:13 AM)Jerry Towns Wrote: Ok, but Divine Law is not some magic thing that exists in the sky apart wholly from human action.  Why is it Divine Law?  Because Peter has bound it.

That's not divine law at all. Divine law is established by God, and nobody, not even the Pope, can change it. It's divine law that we have to worship God. It's church law that we do that by going to Mass on Sunday - or Saturday evening, which, regardless of one's opinion on that, shows that the Church can change it. Likewise, it's divine law that we have to fast and pray; the Church can bind and loose the manner of doing so, and the laws on that have changed a lot over the centuries. No meat on Fridays is human law, not divine, even when the Pope requires it.
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I don't know much about this particular case, but I'm pretty sure a marriage between non Catholics is still invalid if one of the partners is "divorced", since divorce doesn't actually exist. (Divorced people are actually still married, even if it's a marriage between non Catholics, or a natural marriage).

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