Servant of God Zita, Empress of Austria & Queen of Hungary (9 May 1892 – 14 March 198
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Today is the 32nd anniversary of the death of the Consort of the last ruling Emperor, Blessed Karl of Austria, after 67 years of widowhood. Born Zita Maria delle Grazie Adelgonda Micaela Raffaela Gabriella Giuseppina Antonia Luisa Agnese of Bourbon-Parma, she married Bld Karl on 21 October 1911, becoming, upon his succession to the Imperial Throne,  Her Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty The Empress of Austria, Apostolic Queen of Hungary and Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia.

The date of their wedding was chosen by Pope John Paul II as the Feast of Blessed Karl in honour of the exemplary Catholic marriage they had.

On 10 December 2009, Msgr Yves Le Saux, Bishop of Le Mans, France, opened the diocesan process for the beatification of Empress Zita. She was in the habit of spending several months each year in the diocese of Le Mans at St. Cecilia's Abbey, Solesmes, where three of her sisters were nuns.

The actor is the French Association pour la Béatification de l'Impératrice Zita. The postulator for the cause is Alexander Leonhardt. Vice postulator for Hungary is Catholic theologian Norbert Nagy. The judge of the tribunal is Bruno Bonnet. The promoter of justice is François Scrive.

With the opening of her cause, the late Empress has been accorded the title Servant of God.

May her Cause proceed speedily and may she soon join her beloved husband in the Honours of the Altar.
Servant of God Zita, pray for us!
Jovan-Marya of the Immaculate Conception Weismiller, T.O.Carm.

Vive le Christ-roi! Vive le roi, Louis XX!
Deum timete, regem honorificate.
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Servent of God  Zita pray for us!
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I think that it is interesting that shortly after she died came the fall of communism in the Soviet Union and the east bloc.
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A more "recent" picture of the good empress.
Ite ad Ioseph
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